Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Staheli Style

Happy Halloween 2009

Skeletor Pumpkin....Dawson's artwork

Staheli Family & Friends Pumpkin carving 2009  WOOT!  We were down about 10 peeps this year!

Shelbs hard at work.....carve baby carve!

Dig buddy DIG!

Aubree-anna scoopin' the poop goop

Shelbee with cousin Addison. Punks '09 style

You wanna piece a this?

Big D chose to do a baseball tournament instead of halloween this year.  He didn't care one bit.  They got done just in time to trick or treat!   Go Rockhounds!!!!

Shelbee-G.....check out those tats!

Andy the monkey boy with cousin Daya the witch

Scawy vampire lady Aubree.........eeeekkkk

Bring on the trick or treatin'

Cousin Jandee came over to help out with the trick or treating.  Andy is her fav little monkey.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Grandma & Grandpa's Summer Home in Koosheram, Utah

Koosheram, Utah?
Where in sam-hell is that?
Well, it's this tiny little town in central Utah that
is a hop, skip and a jump to the Piaute ATV trails....that's where it is!!

Here are the ATV's to prove it!  Day one of riding.  This was the easy trail day since the kids were going

Dad and Shelbee

Daddy and Andy

Little Andy

After along day of riding the kids were pooped so they made it to their bunk house to hit the sack......

errrr....hit the garage that is.  Yep.  The kids had their very first sleep over in a
a garage at Gma and Gpa's house.  I guess that's what we all get for being so fertile.
Nowhere for the kids to sleep.

This here is the where the big kids eat dinner.  In the nice, air conditioned house with padded chairs.
You might ask. Where to those little punks eat?  Well..........

You guessed it........ The garage!!  Duh! 

Then the best part of all........the cutest baby in the whole world.

Little Baby Kamron kept us busy all weekend mushing his little cheeks.

.....and wiping his face.

The guys got a wild hair the day we were supposed to leave. . .

Let's finish up the sprinkling system today....yeah!  That sounds fun man....fist bump.

So the little men helped out too.

Men at work!

Aubree decided to help out by watching on the side lines in the shade.

Ain't she a cutie! 

It was a great way to break in the new cabin/summer home.  The carpet will never be same I'm sure.
Thanks Mom and Ted for letting us enjoy the 24th at your new place!

Aubree's Baptism Day June 2009

Congratulations Aubree.  We are very proud of you!!

Aubree and Daddy on her Baptism day in June 09.

My pretty baby girl is all grown up

All of the grandkids after Aubree's baptism

Aubree and Grandma Brenda.  Grandma Megs left before I thought to grab the camera.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Here and there pix

Here are some random shots of the kids over the last while. I don't have any of Aubree....she's been camera shy lately.

Shelbee & Dawson after their Choir concert last week. Dawson couldn't find his dang pants! :-S
What a ham!

Not so happy about potty training!

Likes the big boy undies though....even when he pees in them!

Happy 9th Birthday Big D

I asked Dawson what he wanted to do for his Birthday party this year. He thought for a few seconds....the blurted out "Baseball...Father's vs. Sons" I! Easiest party I will ever throw. All of the dad's except for 2 showed up. It was a BLAST! He has thanked me 5 or 6 times for the best birthday part EVER!!! He is pretty passionate about his baseball. He is a true competitive Staheli! I was the only mom at the party. I was choking on all the testosterone! It was a very nice day. Almost 60 degrees and sunny. Glad we didn't wait til this week with all of the snow.

Happy 9th Birthday Dawson! (real b-day 17th). Look at those nice dirty hands (after the game obviously) AND no plate for his food. That's my son........Mr. Manners ;-P

All the dad's & sons

Matt was breaking the "no bunting" rule. They called him on it.

Dawson and his lucky helmet! lol

What a good sister!

She is the other mother at our house. He loves her more than Matt and I!